Mike Pardon

‘The perfect blend of 20″ acceleration and 24″ speed’

Craig Campbell

‘It feels great in the air’

Eddie Fiola

‘I love this bike, can’t wait for the new one’

Joe Shimkets

‘The bike rides great, it feels amazing. I tried riding my 20″ again last week, it was so much more effort to get through the trails.’

Todd Anderson

‘Best bike I’ve ever ridden …Definitely a big air bike’


‘I took it to the trails and it rode awesome’

Mat Hoffman

‘well done on going out there and being progressive’

Jason Ellis

‘Rode really nice on the vert and easy to tailwhip – biggest airs I’ve done in ages’

Andy Preston

‘Looks killer, feels superb’

Lee Reynolds

‘Rode Eddie’s Zeitgeist twenty2 the other day, I want one’

Jason Davies

‘It feels super-easy to go high on’

Jason Lunn

‘These should have been invented years ago ‘

new best jump bike