We developed our 22″ bikes to create something new and make BMX stronger by widening its appeal.

So far our 22″ bike products have sold in 28 countries and every state in the USA. They are being used by riders age 13 to mid-50s for every style of BMX riding.

22″ Wheel Faction Amero 

Our 22″ Amero kit has the highest spec 22″ frame, fork, rims and tyres in BMX today.

With more than 40 other companies now saying they “are developing” their own 22″ bikes or products, it means the 22″ scene that we started back in 2008 (with the release of our first complete 22″ bike) is the only growth market in BMX today.

That many companies getting involved in 22″ also means that the Amero has to be the most influential bike in BMX since the Haro Freestyler (released back in 1982). As that was the last time someone said “here is a new type of BMX” (up till then all BMX bikes were intended for and marketed as race bikes).

But the Haro Freestyler (as awesome as that bike was) did not influence bikes in BMX racing as well (where as the Amero clearly has). The Amero despite it being designed as a Trails / Park bike has proven itself in BMX racing in both the 20″ and 24″ classes (which has led to other brands releasing 22″ race bikes of their own).

While outside of racing the 22″ Amero has proven itself in Trails riding, Vert, Park, Street and even flatland (if it hadn’t then the other 30 or more brands wouldn’t be going near making 22″ bikes).  So It’s done everything we said 22″ bikes could do. The other brands involvement proves the critics of 22″ bikes wrong and vindicates us for starting it all.

While 22″ bikes remain banned by the BMX media it defines 22″ bikes as “underground”. If critics still want to say it’s not a BMX then how come it gets round a BMX track faster than anything else and is now regarded as better than a 20″ for dirt jumping. Funny enough the two very things that define a bike as a BMX bike.

Our Amero has remained unbeaten in all of the independent bike comparison tests it has been involved in with 20″, 24″ and even all the other brands of 22″ bikes, which means I guess it must be a good bike after all.

For example the Amero has never lost a rolling race test against 20″ and 24″ race bikes, which proves 22″ bikes are actually faster (the rolling race tests remove rider strength, skill and bike gearing ratios so it literally is bike vs bike). These 11 races were held at national BMX tracks and the 22″ Amero beat 3 national #1 adult riders in the process, including the then UK National number 1 Mens Elite racer.
Eddie Fiola also did a similar race test on his 22″Amero in the USA in 2010, backing up our test results as legit.

No other bike has been documented winning races in both 20″ and 24″ classes, then the same bike being filmed doing double backflips, 360 flips, turn down flairs, 720’s, 360 truckdrivers, 360 double tailwhips in Park and doing 10ft airs on Vert. That means its the most versatile bike ever in BMX. It even converted Trails rider Kye Forte over to 22″ bikes.

No single model of 20″ or 24″ bike or any other single model of BMX bike has ever been banned or called “a cheat’s bike” by a world champion before like the Amero has in both 20″ and 24″ classes in racing (literally so good they tried to ban it). Nor in any form of cycling has a bike been sneaked into an event and won.

It may or may not be possible to find a higher spec or as high a spec frame, fork, rims and tyres in the 20″ industry as the 22″ Amero has, but it certainly won’t all be from the same brand. So to recap: the 22″ Amero is the most influential, the most controversial, the most versatile, the fastest and arguably one of the highest spec bikes today in the BMX industry.

With all that taken into account the Amero has to be a contender for the best BMX ever made.

Thanks for reading.


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