F22 foldable tyres

22" BMX tires

Foldable 22″ BMX tire, 57mm wide (22 x 2.3) street/trail tread, 100psi, kevlar bead.

The F22 tires from FactionBikeCo were designed to go one step better than current 20″ BMX tire performance. We’ve made a physically larger tire weigh less than any 20″ tire which gets anywhere near it in grip and strength.

The 22″ tire’s bead and Faction’s Amero rim have been designed together to ensure they seat securely under high pressure while using less material than 20″ tires – our design is new and focused while the 20″ tires and rims have to compromise to fit as many product combinations as possible. The difference is the angle of the interlocking shapes, if the profiles match, you need less surface area.

Our rubber will fit other brands 22″ rims and are an immediate speed and weight-saving improvement.

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