Overview of the Amero twenty2

“The new Amero is a trails slayer!”
Scaling up the wheels was just the start of a new era in BMX. We built eight prototype frame-sets to get to the perfect geometry for agility and high-speed control. If you take it to the ‘park it spins, whips or flips like a 20″ BMX, except you’re going faster, more height with less effort.
People comment that after watching a 22″ on the trails, riders are blasting every hit with less hesitation and looking less sketchy than a 20″.

On street, you will start looking at terrain with a new attitude, new lines, bigger step-sets are open to hit  – and you can ride it home, not hide the ‘kids bike’ away in the back of your car.

The Amero comes as a 22″-wheel, tyre & frame package; 100% Sanko cromo double-butted 5lb frame and heat-treated fork, a 22″ wheel-set with 6160 alloy, double-wall 36-spoke rims, sealed bearing hubs with 3pcs axles, cassette rear.

2400px image of Faction Amero 22" wheel BMX components

2400px image of Faction Amero 22″ wheel BMX components