• “the best bike I’ve ever ridden”

    'The perfect blend of 20" acceleration and 24" speed'

    Mike Pardon

    'It feels great in the air'

    Craig Campbell

    'I love this bike, can't wait for the new one'

    Eddie Fiola

    'The bike rides great, it feels amazing. I tried riding my 20" again last week, it was so much more effort to get through the trails.'

    Joe Shimkets

    'Best bike I've ever ridden ...Definitely a big air bike'

    Todd Anderson

    'I took it to the trails and it rode awesome'


    'well done on going out there and being progressive'

    Mat Hoffman

    'Rode really nice on the vert and easy to tailwhip - biggest airs I've done in ages'

    Jason Ellis

    'Looks killer, feels superb'

    Andy Preston

    'Rode Eddie's Zeitgeist the other day, I want one'

    Lee Reynolds

    'It feels super-easy to go high on'

    Jason Davies

    'These should have been invented years ago '

    Jason Lunn

    'best bike I've ever ridden''

    Mat Johnson

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    The Amero 22" is the best dirt jumping bike ever made, it's faster than a 20" and more agile than a 24"

    The new Amero is a trails slayer, scaling up the wheels was just the start of a new era in BMX. We built eight prototype frame-sets to get to the perfect geometry for agility and high-speed control. If you take it to the 'park it spins, whips or flips like a 20" BMX, except you're going faster, more height with less effort.
    People comment that after watching a 22" on the trails, riders are blasting every hit with less hesitation and looking less sketchy than a 20". On street, you will start looking at terrain with a new attitude, new lines, bigger step-sets are open to hit. And on the ride home, no-one heckles you about the kid-sized bike - you're more likely to hear "hey nice whip... but something's different about it..?"

    The Amero comes as a 22"-wheel, tyre & frame package; 100% Sanko cromo double-butted 5lb frame and heat-treated fork, a 22" wheel-set with 6160 alloy, double-wall 36-spoke rims, sealed bearing hubs with 3pcs axles, cassette rear.

    You can pick up an Amero Frame & Fork kit with wheels and tyres at the store page for $586


    new best jump bikeFrame

    Heat-treated HT, BB and dropouts. Tapered rear tubes, double butted tubing, 14mm axle slot, integrated seat-clamp, removable brake hardware, externally machined BB, holes for g-ro and chain adjuster tabs. Geom TBA.


    100% heat-treated Sanko cromo, triple-butted tapered legs and 1 pc steerer tube, alloy top-cap with cable-hole, dual facet slash-cut ends with 5mm machined dropouts, 10mm (3/8ths) axle slot.

    Faction 22inch forks black-white

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    The 22" wheels keep the bike so much more stable and make the trick a lot easier to do. There's no doubt in my mind the 22's have made me a better rider!

    Faction 36 spoke 22" wheels. 6061 alloy double wall rims with welded rim join, black 14g stainless spokes.
    Front hub: Black low flange 6061 alloy body with sealed bearings and 7075 alloy 3/8 3pc axle. Rear cassette hub: 36 spoke, low flange 6061 body with 5pcs sealed bearings, cromo 3/8 (Middle 14mm) 3pc axle, hardened cromo hex-socket bolts.

    new best dirt jump rims


    Zoetrope rim tapes - spin and blink.

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    F22 - possibly the best spec, trails and stunt tyre available.

    22" x 2.5  (457x57mm)
    High pressure (max 100psi)
    Aramid (kevlar) bead
    Easy fit and On-Lock euro bead design (compatible with old style US rims too)
    Reinforced sidewalls and slick interior to reduce pinch flats
    High TPi for fast rolling
    Light weight       1.19 lbs  (543g)

    new best dirt jump tyres

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