Vader stall on Amero 22 bmx

How much does the Amero kit cost?

We’ve kept it competitively priced, same as any full cro-mo, double-butted, heat-treated dirt-jump frame and fork.

What is the geometry of the Amero frame?

It’s just perfect.   Use the Contact form on the homepage if you want the full spec.

Why haven't I seen a twenty2 in any magazines?

Your guess is as good as mine. Would anyone step up for a street/trails/ramp/race shootout test between a 20″ a twenty2 and a Cruiser? – not a chance.

What makes the twenty2 easier to jump than other bikes?

It hits every cycling geometry sweet-spot. It took us eight frame prototypes to reach the point where it ‘clicked’ and everything worked together perfectly.

We don’t offer variants like longer TT or CS lengths because anything else wouldn’t work as well as the Amero’s current geometry.

Where can I see an Amero, do you have any dealers?

We don’t have any dealers, we sell direct online, this is how we get such a high-spec bike to you at a good price.
In the US you can get the F22 foldable tyres from Bruce at BroBMX  (mail@athensoutdoorstore.com). In the UK, visit Slam69 (ValleySideDistro@hotmail.co.uk)

If you order an Amero and are not 100% happy with the ride or build quality, you’ll get a full refund. No-one has ever asked for a refund, we just get emails back saying ‘bike arrived quickly, it’s awesome, etc’

Is there a warrantee?

Yes, 12 months. Any problems (except the ‘scratched sticker’ ‘run over by truck’ type problems) and we replace the item.

See the warrantee page on the store checkout for full details.

Can I race a twenty2 in 20inch and cruiser class?

Yes, the Amero wheel size is right on the margin between the rules. You can use the 2.1 tyre if you want to be squeaky clean. You will get called a cheat whichever class you win in.

The bike brand I work for is adding a twenty2 to its range, where did you get tyres made?

Unless you’ve got your own tyre factory, use the Contact form on the homepage to learn more.


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"Nobody ever did anything great, by following the rules."

FactionBikeCo is a rider-owned and run company. We’ve been riding, bike-testing, winning, hospitalized, event-organising, ramp-building and supporting the BMX scene since before Z-rims were being put in freezers.
We started work on the Twenty2 concept almost 10 years ago. We soon found, no-one’s your friend in the bike manufacturing industry when you’re outside the box and have no money, so we did all the prototyping ourselves.
Things worked out well, really well – the bike is amazing to ride.

It’s been an exciting journey, we’ve made a few enemies, but many more friends on this road less travelled.