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[schema type=”review” name=”MadMike” description=”Amero 22 vs my other 22 – with other locals’ opinions” rev_name=”Faction 22 frame and wheel and tire kit – brakeless setup” rev_body=”So I have managed to build the Amero you sent me, but recently built a SandM Holmes. I put the f22 on the back tire of the holmes and had the innova tire on the front. Took a small road trip to visit some friends that wanted to try 22s. Over the weekend about 10 people rode both the Amero and the Holmes. 9 people all agreed the Amero felt better than the Holmes (at least at the skateparks). Even though the holmes feels a little different, it is still super fun. Needless to say more than half of them will have a 22 by xmas! I think that testing my bikes, a lot of people have had their eyes opened to how much fun the 22 is. Most people were able to ride my Amero and hit all their normal lines at their local parks 1st run (I ride brakeless so some were scared to ride with no brakes). A lot of people were paying attention to the 22s, so there are a lot more people enlightened. Most had never heard of Faction, but after riding my 2 bikes they definitely know now! I have now ridden both bikes at the trails and the parks. I still feel the Amero is the better out of the two bikes. I didn’t do any spins (360s) on the Holmes yet, but it rode better at the Trails than the skatepark. Where the Amero feels great on both park and trails, and 360s just fine. I am a big fan of the 4 inch headtube as well. Great job guys! will drop more feed back as time goes on, but 9 out of 10 people is a pretty overwhelming number of people that preferred the Amero over the Holmes.” author=”Mad Mike” pubdate=”2013-09-24″ user_review=”5″ ]


[schema type=”review” description=”Faction 22inch Amero tyres” rev_name=”Amero 22inch wheel BMX ” rev_body=”I just put ’em through a three hour session. There is no break in period. They gripped amazing right away. Rode them at 80psi and the beads didn’t budge. I am going to buy an amero and another set of f22 tires to support Faction.Right now I am riding a 22 holmes and I have the revenge pinned rims laced to profiles. The tires are holding on the rims perfectly and are perfectly formed. Kudos Faction! These tires have pushed the 22 into a solid option and I believe the 22 is here to stay now” user_review=”5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]These tires are legit! Review by Scott S

10/10 for geom Review by L1982

Anyone who’s currently thinking of buying a BMX with a top tube longer than 21″ is crazy not to be buying a Faction Amero instead!!
I ordered using the Bill Me Later option which is just right for me, I HAD to get one.
Bike arrivved in 5 days from England (thanks guys) the looks and quality are awesome, far better than my boy Siranden’s holmes 22 in every way.
I’ll send you the photos from next session at the gates trails,  feels like I only have to think of a trick and I make it. 22s are a universe away from anything else.

(Posted on 15/02/2013)


[schema type=”review” name=”Joel Alamo” description=”Review – first ride of Faction Amero BMX 22inch wheels” rev_body=”This bike rides like a dream. Took it out for the first time today… the geometry is so dialed, the bike is light, nimble and super trickable. Only one guy even noticed that my wheels were 22’s. Once he rode it he said ‘damn that thing would be a trail slayer!’ ” pubdate=”2013-04-07″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”5″ max_review=”5″ ]


Anyone buying a 20″? Bwaaaaaaahaaaa! Review by Samhain

Huge thanks to Keith and Faction for finally getting the perfect BMX together. I have been dreaming of getting a 22″ since forever. The Amero rides even better than it looks. I’ve set it up with 8.5″ bars which is probably the only bad bit of geometry on the whole bike. Well done guys you’ve got a winner on your hands.
Told you I’d write a review!

(Posted on 28/01/2013)

[schema type=”review” name=”Gareth Jones” description=”Review – first ride of Faction Amero BMX 22inch wheels” rev_body=”never felt so at home on a bike, I think it gives taller riders like myself an advantage i’v never found from riding larger frame 20s. im excited to see how it will change my riding. strait away i felt i was going faster and higher than normal. i have to admit i was a little sceptical before, but I really couldn’t fault it.” pubdate=”2013-05-07″ user_review=”5″ min_review=”5″ max_review=”5″ ]


10 or so runs through my backyard trails on the Amero.  

It definitely feels much more like a 20″ than the Holmes that I rode.  The speed and stability of the 22’s far exceed my 20’s.  The other guys that came out to ride said that for once I was was riding a bike that actually looked like it fit me.

(Posted on 16/02/2013)


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