How do I get to ride an Amero?

Check out our online store here, where you can find the Amero kit, the 22″ F22 foldables and the 22″ complete wheels or unlaced 22″ chrome rims.

22 inch tires/tyres to keep you rolling – F22s are shipped free anywhere in the world.


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"Nobody ever did anything great, by following the rules."

FactionBikeCo is a rider-owned and run company. We’ve been riding, bike-testing, winning, hospitalized, event-organising, ramp-building and supporting the BMX scene since before Tuff-Wheels were being put in freezers.
We started work on our 22″ bikes back in 2002, we soon found, no-one’s your friend in the bike manufacturing industry when you’re outside the box and have no money, so we did all the prototyping ourselves.
Things worked out well, really well – the bike is amazing to ride.

It’s been an exciting journey, we’ve made a few enemies, but many more friends on this road less travelled.